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2011 : Released LED Desk Lamps DL-90/70/70iS/70iSH/60/60H/60iS/60iSH2010 : Developed and released SHARP’s e-dictionary RD-EM300/ RD-EM400/ NP1/ NP2/ NP502009 : PDVR-1000 : Market Launched of the world first H.264 recordable ultra-mini video recorder 2008 : 1. SHARP’s e-dictionary DD-804 & DD-803 : Market Launched of a electronic dictionary with multi media function 2. DDR-5300 : Market Launched of Linear PCM(WAV) voice recorde2007 : DMP-430 : Market Launched of a Portable multimedia player (PMP)2006 : DNA-100 : Launched a car Navigation Product2005 : 1. SP-i1 : Market Launched of iPod accessories 2. DDR-4200 : Market Launched of a pocket DAM recorder/player2004 : Market Launched of various types of audio players - CD MP3 Player: CDP-10 - 1” HDD MP3 Player: DHD-1000 - Built-in USB plug type MP3 Player: DMP-300 & 310 2. DDR-4100 : Market Launched of a built-in battery loaded AM/FM recorder 2003 : 1. DDR-3000 series : Market Launched of the world best voice recorder and audio player 2. DMP-100 series & DMP-200 series  : Market Launched of MP3 players 3. Market Launched of the world first potable AM/FM recorder - AM/FM subscription recording MP3 Player: DDR-40002002 : DDR-2000 series : Developed and mass-produced the first voice recorder with FM radio function2001 : DHC-1000 : Developed and mass-produced USB memory storage1999 : 1. DDR-1000 series : Developed and mass-produced a digital voice recorder 2. Developed and mass-produced Hands free accessory for vehicle